Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holy Humility Batman

I have a lovely bouquet of deep red tulips on my counter.
It makes me smile to watch them open up in the light
and then close in the darkness.
Kind of like people do, you know?

Those flowers were my splurge at the grocery store yesterday.
The store was busy and we were blessed
to have someone we know
step in line behind us at the checkout.
We had time for a nice chat.

Yesterday I worked through some deep feelings at my therapy appointment.
My therapist asked me where humility fit into the picture.
I had to think on that one quite a while before I could answer.
I'd been having one of those holier-than-thou moments
and her question brought me back to earth.

I'm sure that made God smile.


Anonymous said...

A bouquet of tulips in the winter. Just what the doctor ordered!

Lou said...

Doesn't buying flowers for no reason just lift your spirits!

Hope said...

I love flowers.
For a long time after I came home from treatment I treated myself to a five dollar bouquet every week.

Christy said...

I have a deep misunderstanding of humility.

It looks like lack of self-esteem on me. Or at best, self-effacing.....

I think I take too much to heart the feedback I get from people and not how I feel....

Cat said...

I think that is a wonderful treat ! And I love the idea of it - so next time I need a treat - I am getting myself some flowers!!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

An bouquet and humility; what a great combination, sounds like lots of soulful work! Holy hugs Batman!!!

annie said...

I love the idea of buying flowers, but rarely do I actually DO that. I think maybe you have inspired me, Hope.

And yeah, the humility thing, I've bumped up against that myself a few times lately. I'm thankful that God can and does laugh with us.

Texaco said...

tulips in winter - perfect. I always knew that "Mr. Right" would understand that no matter what it took to get them, yellow tulips given on my December birthday would be worth the effort.

ever notice how when a child draws a flower it is always a tulip or a daisy?

wouldn't it be sweet if humility were that simple?

Cat said...

I came back today - I remembered something you wrote that I needed to re-read - " It makes me smile to watch them open up in the light
and then close in the darkness.
Kind of like people do, you know?"

Thank you