Thursday, September 04, 2008

Uncharted Territory

Twenty-seven years ago today dearest one and I met on a quiet street in a province half way across the country. We'd been penpals as young teenagers. We married when I was still a teenager. By the grace of God we've stayed married for 26 and a half years already.

Of course there's a long story in between then and now. Which is what happens when you take an atheist and a farm boy, raised in a conservative religious home, and put them in a marriage together. Especially when farm boy hasn't told atheist how he was raised and atheist doesn't tell him she's an atheist. But then we'd only spent a few weeks together in person before we ran off and eloped.

By the grace of God we're still together.
Our marriage is in uncharted territory.
This past year has brought an honesty and vulnerability the likes of which we've never braved before. It's scary but good.

We always remember this day.
A day of new beginnings.
Like every day is.
But this one is extra special.


Owen said...

The blessing of our Lord be upon you this day in extra measure and be the Captain of your uncharted union. Peace.

Anonymous said...

This one got to me. Just like, no... in a way bigger way than you did 27 years ago. Hook, line and sinker. Remembering back to then, it seems fairly close, but adding in the "between" makes it a more distant place and time. A lot water under the bridge since September of 1981. A lot of good water. Here's to a lot more!

Patty said...

Bless you Hope! One week from today will be 15 years for my dearest and I. A miracle indeed!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hope and Dearest One. Pretty amazing. When you think back to those young people, could they ever have imagined what the next 21 years would hold?


daisymarie said...

happiest of anniversaries and much more joy on the journey!

annie said...

Congratulations, Hope, and Dearest One!