Sunday, September 14, 2008

Towards A Fuller Recovery

Sunday afternoon at the public library.
Soon I'll be on my way home to dearest one and the energizer bunny.
Although I've only been gone one night it feels like forever.

The AA get together is finished.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Good food. Great fellowship.
Honest fellowship.
One man, who spoke at the lunch meeting yesterday, sat at my table last night.
When he heard how many years I'd white knuckled my sobriety he said,
"I bet you were just miserable to live with."
And he meant it.
Where else can you hear such honesty and easily fess up that yes, I had been miserable to live with during those white knuckle years.
Where else can one be so honest and be loved and accepted anyway.

There are always little tidbits to tuck away and mull over.
Other things heard that help me live a fuller recovery.
Chairing the meeting went fine.
I have more than enough of an ego, yet.
Hopefully that will shrink as time goes by.

Last year was my first time of going to one of these gatherings.
I met a woman who extended her hand of friendship back then and we chatted a little.
That time I could only handle being at the gathering for half the day and then I'd had enough of crowds and people and being so out of my comfort zone.
This year I went looking for her and when I found her we hugged.
I stepped back and admired her top.
A beautiful blue that I would've bought had I seen it.
Just before she left the meeting this afternoon she gave it to me.
Such generosity shows me how to live a fuller recovery.

By God's grace and my willingness the journey continues.


annie said...

Hi Hope, I'm back, trying to catch up on my reading. Sounds like the get together was a good thing. Glad you enjoyed it.

Heidi Renee said...

so glad it was a great experience for you.

love that line - it recovery really makes all the difference between a life of joy and misery doesn't it?

prayed for you throughout the weekend. welcome home!

Patty said...

Glad you are back home and had a good time, Hope. You made me giggle, "still have more than enough of a ego yet" Tee hee, I was worried! LOL