Friday, September 12, 2008

Smart Man

"Well, then how do I know when to ignore what you're saying and when not to?"

"That's kind of a big hole you're digging for yourself there," I reply.

Dearest one grins at me and I grin back. End of conversation.

I'd been telling him something I thought was both sweet and funny that I'd read online and he responded with that muffled 'uh huh' that told me he was completely oblivious to what I was saying. When I called him on it he said I'd told him that story last week and it must be my sometime alzheimers acting up. I said I couldn't have told him last week because I'd never been to this blog before. Oh. That's when he said the above sentence and started digging a hole for himself. A shallow one because he instantly went mute. Smart man. Turns out the little tidbit I was reading him was something he'd heard before (one twin sticking thumb in other twins mouth) through his work. Too bad dearest one didn't have a twin. He could have saved him some digging time this morning.

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Owen said...

I read this post already.