Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seeing Red

"Whatever you do, don't by this colour. You'll end up with red hair and you won't like it. "
I'm sitting in a chair at my hair dressers asking her advice as to what colour to buy if I was going to dye my own hair.
I nod my head when she tells me not to buy that colour and promptly forget what that colour is.
I hadn't really decided if I was going to dye my own hair or let her do it.
Note to self: 1) next time take notes just in case and 2) let her do it.

I now have reddish hair.
I love red hair.
On other people.
Dearest one swears he only sees brown.
Youngest son says copper.
I look in the mirror and see red.
I don't hate it.
But I don't exactly like it either.
I can hear my sister who is reading this, saying "Yaaaaay!"
She's been after me for years to dye it something in the red zone.
You got my wish my dear.

You see I'm going to see my long ago college roommate in a few days. I've gone pretty well grey since we last saw each other. I couldn't see that I was all grey but people (like my sister) kept telling me oh yes I was absolutely, totally grey. Then I saw the wedding photos and thought crap, how come I don't see that when I look in the mirror? All that grey!!
It wouldn't be so bad except dearest one gets mistaken for a 30 something nearly every single week. And this little voice keeps whispering in my ear that I'm going to get mistaken for being his much older wife by one of his students or colleagues. Dearest one will be bald before he is grey. And I am several years younger than dearest one.

For the record the colour not to buy was dark ash blonde.
That's my way of taking notes.
After the fact.


Black Pete said...

Hair at our age: Gray is something you earn. Red is something you borrow.

Anonymous said...

Dark ash blonde went red? Never would have thought that. Come to think of it, in some summer photos where my hair was sun-bleached, it did look a little on the rusty side.....


daisymarie said...

That color makes me a "strawberry blonde" (according to everyone else). I'm not very fond of that look for me. I decided that at 51 I'm okay with gray...I think.

Anonymous said...

It will mellow in a couple days. Red is so in!

Heidi Renee said...

woo hoo! welcome to the club dear friend! it's exclusive you know! :D

pictures please!!!

Pru said...

Red, eh? Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

I was born with red hair and, in my fifties, it is now called strawberry blonde. (I think the white streaks have just toned down the red a bit.) In my teens I was tired of red hair and, in an attempt at brown hair, used an ash brown color. The result was olive green hair. AAAGGGHHH! A professional later told me, "Never use any color with the word 'ash' in it! Never!!!" Now we know.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay, indeed!