Sunday, August 24, 2008


Celebrations are so much better from a place of sobriety
than with all the booze in the world.

I cannot remember when I've had such fun.
The past three days has been full of fun, laughter and love.
Dearest one and I danced to our hearts content.
The first time we've ever danced without me being totally drunk.
We had a blast.

I still have company and more family stuff for tomorrow.
Until that's over this little tidbit will have to suffice.

Two things stand out for me right now.

First...after oldest son was married
he was standing with dearest one when he
looked across the pond (it was an outside wedding in a beautiful place)
and saw his new bride. He stopped and said, "Wow. That's my wife."
And he started to cry.
He is so tender hearted and I love that about him.

Today my older sister and my parents left a beautiful gift bag on my bed.
They stayed at our home a few nights ago while we were getting ready for the wedding
a few hours further down the road.
As a thank you they bought me this angel.
My sister picked out this angel from a line called Eden's Angels.
The one my sister picked for me was called Freedom Angel
The little card with it said this:

With the freedom to dream,
we have the Faith
to pray for the courage
to be who we really are.
That little card sums up this past year for me.
Today is one year since I came home from rehab.
What a year it has been.


annie said...

I'm glad to hear things are going so well! The angel is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes, Hope. I am so glad that it's turned out this way for you. A year ago, could you, in your wildest dreams, have imagined this?


lucy said...

happy anniversary! thank you for this touching and beautiful "tidbit". you obviously have much for which to be grateful!!

Anonymous said...

Yehhhhh! Hope had fun! Yipeeeee! I am so happy for you! Always way beyond our expectations! God is so good!

Owen said...

Much love and rejoicing.

Sue said...

Yay!!! Congrats.

Jim said...

A bit of fun reading this one! You give both my heart and my face a smile...

Hope said...

Thank you - celebrating is always better with more people.

Sisyphesse said...

Mazel Tov! (Congratulations!) Happy Rebirthday!

These are anniversaries worth marking and celebrating. Worth thanking God for.

My husband is a cancer survivor and each anniversary of his being declared cancer free, we celebrate life and send thanks to God for keeping him among the living.

Don't get me wrong - I know God didn't dictate that he should be alive, but I know that he was part of the team that made him strong and made it happen.

We've now celebrated 18 of these anniversaries. Some folks might stop at 5 (when the docs say you are free and clear) or at some other time, but not us. We are thankful for each additional year we have. We don't plan to stop until we have to.