Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paranoia On Two Legs

It's a beautiful fall day out there this morning.
I'm going to mow the lawns for the last time until next summer.
I didn't like how jumpy I felt yesterday, staying close to the house because of the cougars and bears on the prowl.
I can be slightly paranoid at the best of times so I imagine I'll have a good, perhaps healthy dose of it, as I go around and around all our lawns on the riding lawn mower.
Especially those close to the bush.
The little bear cub in the ditch looks like it was shot and dumped there.
Not sure what the person was thinking when they dumped it so close to a residence.
It's not like there's an abundance of residences on our stretch of road.
Youngest son saw mama bear the night before last.
He was at one end of the bush line and she at the other.
He wisely turned around and came home.

Last night it was dark out when youngest son took the energizer bunny out for a bathroom break before bed so he also carried a rifle.
There are fields being harvested around us so I'm hoping that will keep wildlife at bay. Hunting season started this week. Dearest one and I saw a herd of elk a few nights ago.

Hope you have a two-legged-wild-life-sightseeing kind of day.
Although they might be just as unpredictable.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought we had it bad here with the wasps! lol Cool to be so close to nature but I guess not too close is wisest, eh?

Going to a family function out in the country. The bi-peds will be a-plenty; who knows about the wildlife..... I suppose it does depend on one's definition of "wild".

Anonymous said...

Also... sad about the baby bear though.

Jim said...

When I first got into journalling on the internet, I made contact with a lady who lives in Oregon and seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I told her I thought of here as a "pioneer" woman. After reading your last two posts, I'm thinking yourself to be more of a "wilderness" gal. It sounds adventurous sitting down here in Kentucky, but not so sure how exciting if I were sitting on your front steps.....