Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's All Just Temporary

Last night brought some welcome relief from the heat wave we've been experiencing this week. Temperatures in the plus 30C range are quite a bit warmer than normal for this time of year in my neck of the woods. I am not a heat fan. Our little air conditioner was working overtime just to maintain a livable room temperature yesterday. When the rain fell last night and the air cooled rapidly it was a welcome reprieve. Today is supposed to be back up to 30C. C'est la vie.

My funky signature at the bottom of my posts lately is courtesy of a heads up from MPJ.It was fun to create. Yesterday as I was cleaning up around the house I must have come across close to 10 different objects with the word hope on them. I love me some hope.

Last night we enjoyed new potatoes and green beans from the garden. Raspberries from the same flavoured my breakfast yesterday, too. What a privilege to walk out the front door and spend 5 minutes picking enough goodness to help nourish this body for the day. It's been several years since I was healthy enough to do the work to maintain a garden. It's a gift to harvest her bounty.

Now that the Olympics are on I will be hoarding the TV remote more than my fair share. There's some irony in becoming a temporary couch potato in order to watch Olympic athletes show their muscles, discipline and skill. Go Canada Go!


daisymarie said...

Three different homes over the years came with the blessing of is one of heaven's greatest gifts to earth! We buy them now and Asher will eat the entire container.

I love that there are multiple channels with the Olympics on!!! What did you think of the opening ceremony?

Hope said...

I thought the opening ceremonies - what I saw of them - were incredible. The choreography of it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I turn to CBC and sports is on I think of you! I just caught the last bit of the ceremonies where they were doing the tai-chi-round-heaven-square-world thing. What I saw of it looked beautiful; our rabbit ears (no cable) don't seem to be pulling in that station very well, unfortunately, and it's the only channel that we sort of get with the olympics on it.

I like the funky new signature as well as MPJ's website.

Under there... said...

Enjoy the Olympics. May you stay cool as your air conditioner goes for the gold. I love your funky new signature!