Sunday, August 03, 2008

Help For The Seduced

"I may be powerless (over alcohol and my other addictions, over many things...) but that doesn't mean I'm helpless."

When I heard those words of wisdom yesterday I had a 'whoa, I need to rememeber that' kind of moment. Remembering that I am not helpless, that there are always choices to be made, could help me when I find myself being seduced by a victim mentality. You know, those times when I am pointing my finger at a person/situation/something and saying, "it's all your fault that I'm so miserable." Well, darlin', that's a load of bunk.

I can still get caught offguard when I think something is a done deal and then I realize there are options. I have a love/hate relationship with taking responsibility for my choices/my mood/my life. Well, except when others are trying to make my choices for me. Then it's very cut and dried. I can give Clark Kent a run for his money by how fast I can morph into a "back off and no one will get hurt" stance. Oh right, he was morphing so he could save someone else. I morph so I can save my pride. Ok, I'll just back quietly and slowly out of here.

Misery is optional.
That's my mantra for today.


Anonymous said...

A good reminder. We are utterly helpless and fully free to self determine.

annie said...

That is one I need to remember for myself!

Deb said...

"Misery is optional"...what wonderful advice!