Saturday, July 05, 2008

Showing Up Part Two

Darn. I've had to enable comment moderation and not let anonymous commenters do their thing. So you may need to set up a blogger account if you still want to comment. First I lost the previous post to delete the 100 comments, then I found it again sans comments. Such is life.

It's Saturday.
Dearest one and I are headed to town.
He to work on his Statistics course.
Me to go to my home group AA meeting.
I have never heard anyone say they enjoyed Statistics.
More like it's a course to be endured.

I think I'm getting the far better deal today.
Then again, I think that nearly every day of my life.
I rarely want someone else's life.
At least with my own I know what I'm dealing with.
In AA there is a saying about the danger of
comparing our insides to another's outsides.
What you see is rarely what you get if swapping sides was possible.
I'll take my own issues over someone else's anyday.


daisymarie said...

I want to believe that's true...somedays I just wish mine was a little easier.

Hope said...

I wish yours was, too, my friend.