Sunday, July 20, 2008

Being Found

He calls a camper his home.
His worldly belongings
divided between the camper
and his vehicle,
he's full of gratitude for his circumstances.
Fully content to be where he is on the journey.
Easily listing all he's grateful for,
right down to the little cat curled up
at his feet every morning.
The cat he tried to leave behind
only to have it find him
again and again.

I watched his peace filled face as he spoke.
Observed warmth, sparkle and peace co-mingling
like a stained glass window
illuminating his soul.
For a split moment
I let it's rays
touch me.

I had arrived at our meeting impatient.
Finding it next to impossible to be present.
Fretting over trying to fit an hour's worth of errands
into the 30 minutes left over before I had to leave town.
Where was I in such a hurry to get to?
A funeral luncheon.

Oh, the irony.

Between my friend's gratitude
and my arrival at the luncheon
I found myself in the grocery store
grumbling over the price of cat food and razor blades.

I can picture my friend
taking pure delight in feeding his little cat every day,
Smiling right up to his eyebrows
at life as it is
right here
right now.
Giving thanks for being found
all over again.


daisymarie said...

being found is good.

curious servant said...


I've been going to Al Anon for a year.

My wife just ended her three month sobriety...

and left me for another.

Nw I am a single parent of two mentally handicapped children.

I need to search for gratitude also.

This was the first blog I ever left a comment on. Because of your struggle, I have come here often.

I thought I'd leave a message this time... It is a little easier to carry a burden when I share it with someone.

Thank you for letting me say it here.

Hope said...

CS - I am so sorry. Know that I will pray.

Anonymous said...

Hope, what a beautiful/vivid picture you paint with words.

Curious, I add my prayers to Hope's.