Sunday, July 27, 2008

Feeling The Feelings

Life's given me opportunity in the past 12 hours to put the AA program into solid practice. Thank God a person has options instead of just knee jerk reactions. I can still feel angry mighty fast. There's a saying around the rooms of recovery that the program works if you work it. Last night I felt the anger (got a bit teary, too) and then decided what to do with it. In days gone by, I acted out faster than thunder follows lightning, be that phsyically, verbally, or emotionally. I fought pain with pain.

The sun is kissing my cheek as I type. A hint of rain touched grass is floating in the window. The energizer bunny is sitting here looking at me expectantly like it's a new day or something. There's nothing like a dog to keep a person in the here and now instead of the yesterdays and tomorrows.


Under there... said...

Those options are our freedom. Thank you for the raw honesty of your posts. they are inspiring in the best way possible. They pointot truthful hope!

Black Pete said...

You mean, it isn't a new day? You're not going to take me out for a walk, huh? huh? huh?"
--Energizer Bunny

Hope said...

Yes, that's exactly her stance Pete. From morning until night.