Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stretching Hope

"As I sat in centering prayer this morning the image of being held, of resting in the womb of God came to me. That no matter how vigorously I stretch and push against its walls I remain safe in the womb. So struggle away, Hope, struggle away."~ journal entry March 18/08

"As I listen to the gospel for today and hear how Jesus gives John his mother and how John welcomed her into his home I sit here and wonder what it means to welcome her into my home. They ask what we want to say to Jesus as he hangs on the cross and all that comes to me is "remember me in your kingdom." Without his mercy we are without hope." ~ journal entry March 21/08


Anonymous said...

On Friday, I was reading about how John "took her into his home" as well and couldn't help but wonder how the rest of their days played out. Part of me gets stuck at the horror of the crucifixion and I imagine all the mourning and sorrow that must have happened and how long it must have taken to come anywhere close to healing. And then I remember, "wait a minute, He came back to life". Then the picture is quite different isn't it?

Happy Easter, my dear.


onionboy said...

The peace of Easter be with you.