Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Really Really

I feel like I'm tiptoeing in here trying not to get caught. Did you know typing could feel like that? The resident Energizer Bunny is resting her head in the crook of my arm. I have to keep typing hold the pose or else I'll be in withdrawal her head will fall down and we'll have to start over.

I am such an addict.

As soon as I typed that sentence my internet connection failed. When I reconnected the page froze. When I tried to reboot the whole thing the computer refused to even turn on. I think God has more important things to do than try and micromanage my life when I'm in the midst of breaking my Lenten fast, don't you?

Yesterday I came online to print out something I wanted to take to my counseling session tomorrow. It took less than five minutes tops. Really. It did occur to me that dearest one could print it out for me at work but I quickly dismissed that idea. Too much work. Ha. It didn't stop me asking him to download a zip file which took an hour.

Today I turned on the computer to write some more on a radio proposal. As I did I thought about posting because it's our 26th wedding anniversary and I wanted to note that here. Not that I couldn't pick up the phone and say Happy Anniversary to dearest one again if I wanted. That would be too easy.

First I tell myself I need to go online so the daily anti virus can update. The very anti virus that I go days at a time without updating when it's not Lent. Then I decide I need to do some research. Something official. So I'm merrily researching some info for the proposal. Research names of Sharon Butala's books. Check. Found the library has the copies I need. Try to find lyrics to a song about the prairies and immigrants. Not so lucky.

Oh, let's just look around while I'm here I tell myself. I hop, skip and jump my way through email, bloglines and facebook. 27 minutes later I find myself logging into blogger to post this. We only have dial up - does that count? That's when the connection failed. The page froze. The computer would not turn on.

I'll tip toe my way back out of here now.
Saint Isidore of Seville pray for me.
He took some research to find.
I'm just saying.


daisydreamer said...

Good to see you...sorry it's such a struggle.

HeyJules said...

Oh Hope! I feel your pain! Why not just unplug the hard drive and set it in a closet for awhile? Underneath LOTS and LOTS of other stuff...

Heidi Renee said...

ha! i had a troll come by my blog today to tell me that lent was for pharisees and everyday should be lent! :P

i was tickled to see you post today - happy anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm like that, too; as soon as I would say the words "I'm on a diet", I would crave everything including things I'd never even craved before. So... I just stopped saying "I'm on a diet". Same thing with smoking. I haven't actually officially quit; I've just postponed my next one for the last 12 years.

Okay, maybe that's just side-stepping the whole issue, eh? Goes back to the whole "I do the things that I don't want to do, yada, yada, yada...."

Happy aniversary, Hope and Dearest One!!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate that concept Mich; "postponed my next one for the last 12 years". Can I borrow that saying? I actually smoked my last cigarette Dec. 23rd '07. It's going... but some days!!!

ukok said...


I have so many days like this. Today I thought I'll work at the computer on the magazine I'm editing and then what did I end up doing? I spent 3 hours reading blogs and commenting!


But I wouldn't.....stike that....couldn't.... be without internet access now.

God Bless you!