Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Of Beds and Breakfasts

Dearest one and I are off on a mini holiday starting tomorrow. I'll be back here next week. First holiday without children. First time of staying at a bed and breakfast. First time seeing only daughter in her new play. And first time of going to a huge Catholic bookstore, as well as Ikea. I welcome book suggestions for the bookstore and your favourite Ikea purchase.

I want to draw attention to some posts over at Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit which are about addiction. The Addict's prayer found there is going to be a new daily prayer for me. Also if you have time go to Motherhood Is Not For Wimps. She writes so beautifully about motherhood. Just looking at pictures of her oldest daughter yesterday made me burst into tears. Motherhood is such an incredible blessing and this mother knows it.

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