Friday, August 05, 2005

Converting to My Point of View

I am sure at the funeral today I will get people talking to me about how sad it was that my friend was a Catholic and therefore not going to heaven....that is if they manage to get over the shock that I am Catholic too. Several family and community members will be there who know nothing of my conversion simply because our relationship does not lend itself to the sharing of the deep things of life. I get sick of people thinking they know the eternal destination of everyone. And while I do my fair share of acting like I am God and days when I really think I have some kind of influence on my fellow man as if I am God - I guess I think I am better than to think I know where someone is going. Oh boy - gotta watch what I start typing - I can type myself into a corner lickety-split! Hmmm - I can think I am better than the next person so fast. Ok, let me say this - I don't want to judge a person's eternal resting place. It's frankly, none of my business. I can hear some people sputtering, "but, but what about the great commission?" In the spirit of St. Francis - I try to preach the gospel every day of my life....I try not to use words to do it.

Here is a link to a great post about pointless squabbling. Steve has a great blog.

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