Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lit For You

These are our prayer candles. If you've ever asked for prayer or if I've prayed for you then there's a good chance one of these has been lit in your name. Sometimes I have one candle just for people who have lost their spouses. I told God not too long ago that I was sick of lighting that candle. Not that I was tired of praying for them but I felt overwhelmed by how many people I knew who were widowed. Sometimes I light one and ask prayers for all the bloggers I "know".

For some people ritual is frowned upon but for me it is comforting. The ritual of lighting these candles can be both comforting and disturbing, depending on the needs of those I pray for. And sometimes there are just no words to pray. Which is in itself a prayer.

Lord have mercy.


Heidi Renee said...

thanks - i'll take another please...

Roz said...

That's beautiful. I may do that.

I trailed over here from your eloquent comment on Betty Duffy's latest. Blog-cruising is such a rewarding enterprise. You find lots of people to invite to your housewarming in heaven.

Owen said...

Thanks for the paraffin used up on me. It's appreciated and reciprocated.

steveroni said...

I know another who lights LOTS of candles. You know her, too! Keep it up. We need it, girl!


Catherine said...

If you have any tips for prayer for a person who does not necessarily believe in God, as such, but more of an energy;please send them my way.

I am searching.

Thank you!