Monday, August 30, 2010

Worth It

It's been a day.
This morning I asked God to direct my thoughts and my actions.Youngest son left for a city far, far, away before I left for work.I waited until he was gone to cry.

Work was crazy busy.
I am glad I like my work.
There were many interruptions and work left undone.
Which means tomorrow is a work day not a day off.
I could have been done except I chose to take some extra time to truly listen to someone who had a heavy heart. We are just not meant to carry burdens alone.

I used my litebook this morning in hopes of it helping me feel more rested in the mornings. We'll see. Last winter it helped my mood considerably.
I've been grumpy for a week now.
I haven't been grumpy much in the past three years and it feels uncomfortable.
I'm trying to be gentle with myself while being proactive about it, too.

This video gave me instant perspective.
Perspective is a great antidote to self pity.
Sometimes it makes you cry, too.

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