Monday, August 23, 2010

A Little Sleep Helps

It's just past 7:30 in the evening and I am in my flannel nightgown ready for sleep.
My plane was delayed so long last night that it didn't land at my home airport until after midnight. An opportunity to offer a ride to a stranger in order to save her a forty dollar cab fare presented itself.

After the initial internal balking, because I was nearly too tired to drive myself anywhere let alone someone else, I offered and she accepted. There aren't too many strangers who will offer nor others who will take one up on a ride like that but we both did and I met a lovely woman out of the deal.

Afterwards, when I arrived at a friend's house (to save myself an hour's further drive yet), it was wonderful to crawl into the guest bed's clean sheets and heavy blankets. I share that good deed to remind myself that I am capable of being a little less self centered some days. It is always a relief to find that out. I have to work at it because it doesn't come naturally. Dearest one thinks of others naturally. His generous nature is a really beautiful thing to learn from.

The alarm clock went way too early this morning, my first day back at work after 7 weeks off. I did not plan on working all day because I was so tired but I made it through and made it home. There was a point in the day, though, where a coworker and I had an attack of the giggles. You know the kind where you are laughing so hard you aren't making any noise? Ya. That kind. It happened just as I picked up the phone. I have never intentionally hung up the phone at work but all I could do was place it gently back on its rest. It seemed the kindest thing to do. I hope I didn't hang up on my supervisor. Not very professional. It was then that I knew I really needed some sleep.


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Black Pete said...

"Schlaft's gesund", Hopester. Ask hubby what that means.

Robin said...

Ahhhh..... guest rooms. I love guest rooms, especially when I'm dog tired. I love the hospitality, the reminder to be social, to be grateful to be invited into someone's home (or car, as the case may be...)