Sunday, July 04, 2010


In a few sleeps dearest one and I will hop on a plane and go for a bit of a holiday.I'm grateful our idea of holidays mesh.A remote cabin on a beach being ideal. Going where we know no on is a must.

Last night we sat around a campfire
with many of dearest one's siblings.
The women gathered in a circle together,
the men in another.

When the women found out where we were going they had all kinds of advice as to where we should go and what we should see. I sat there and wondered if dearest one would be interested. I didn't tell them that touristy things don't appeal to me much. I would make a scowly tourist on one of those bus tours. I just want to be left to meander on my own.

This morning when I listed off all the "must sees" of the group to dearest one he looked a little horrified. He then told me all he wanted was to relax and have fun. He didn't want to trade one kind of busy for another.
I was relieved.

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Andrew said...

Sounds to me like you two will have a wonderful holiday!


daisymarie said...

I love that thought: not trading one kind of busy for another. My idea is much like yours, while my darling is Mr. Planner and Mr. Make the Most/Don't want to miss anything. Sigh. We're going to Disney with the girls and grandkids in October. He's in his prime planning it all.

Black Pete said...

Husband's nailed it, Hopester! Amen to that!