Thursday, June 24, 2010

Close To His Heart

It's been a long day.
I made a three hour round trip
to see my spiritual director.
From the first time I saw him
nearly 5 years ago, he has talked
about putting together the
pieces of my puzzle, my story.

Today another piece slipped into place.
It caught me totally offguard.
Snot nosed tears gushed.
I've worked hard to keep my tears to myself
most of my life although these past 3 years
I have become more willing to honour them.

Sometimes tears catch me unaware with
the force of vomit.
Today was one of those days.

Then this evening came the news
of a suicide of one
of dearest one's relatives.
Caught us offguard.
The fourth suicide affecting
us or people we know in
the past few weeks.
This week is the anniversary
of this friend's suicide.

I am so grateful that even in this there is no need to drink.
The only way I've been able to come to terms with the suicides over the years that have affected me directly, from my granny's at age 90, to my friend Ron, to this latest suicide, is that there is no understanding the why of it. It just is.

As I was in my spiritual director's office today I happened to glance at a paper on the floor beside my chair whose title stated something to the effect that God holds the souls of those who commit suicide close to his heart.


Twelve years already.


Lisa said...

amen and amen. praying for you and yours tonight, friend.

Em said...

I'm sorry for your loss, this post was beautifully written and I appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

Black Pete said...


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Sending you much love and light as you go through this part of your journey, honor your heart and your grief.

Love to you,

Robin said...

Gosh, Hope, take care. This is a lot.

daisymarie said...

I'm so sorry for your pain and losses. That's a lot in a little time--but it got me to thinking about how we sometimes passively "commit suicide" by the willful ways we hurt our bodies and then there's the omission ways by not doing what we should. Maybe there would be less harshness and judgment for those who cross the line to that permanent solution if we could all realize how close we could be. I believe God does hold us close, especially in our desperate moments. Sending a hug your way. Thanks for making me think and feel.

Daisy said...

So very sorry to hear, Hope. ((((Hope and Dearest One))))


Erin Wilson said...

Very sorry for your loss, Hope.
And very grateful for what you gained in that puzzle piece.


Marla said...

I'm so sorry. That is a lot of loss. You are in my prayers and thoughts.