Sunday, August 09, 2009

Change Is In the Air

My own bed.
It will feel so wonderful to sleep in tonight.
I already slept in it for 5 hours today.
I was wiped from being with 50+ people for the past two days.
I realized over the weekend that I've been gone from home for 3 out of the 5 weeks I've had off from work so far. Another two weeks and it will be back to work. I'm hoping to stick closer to home for the remainder. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining - I consider being able to go anywhere a privilege. Often when I am out for a walk and see the traffic going by in the distance I wonder if the people in those vehicles consider it a privilege to be able to get up and go at the turn of a key in the ignition. I do.

This will be a week of change.
Youngest son is moving out.
I will miss him.
We've had some turbulent times, and I've always been grateful for a second chance with him.

This afternoon he was talking to me about music, normally he listens to songs I can't decipher the lyrics to, but every so often he comes and tells me there's this song he likes that he thinks I'll like. He hadn't watched the video but nonetheless I sat here and had tears streaming down my face as I listened:


Steve E. said...

SEE? Youngest sons are people too. Took me a long time to realize that.

VICKI IN AZ said...

I am so touched that you would share this. I am so glad that your son shared this song with you, that kind of thing goes a long long way with us moms ;).
My daughter gave these lyrics to my husband in a birthday card this past year. Sigh...
Glad you get to sleep in your own bed.
Hugs ♥

Just Be Real said...

Awww dear one. You do have some changes this week. Thinking of you during this time. Blessings.... ♥

Daisy said...

sniff sniff.... yup, I'm with you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for directing the link back to the entry "Kissed to death". I somehow needed to read it again and be reminded to 'operate from a place of inner peace'.

God Bless, Gerry

Owen said...

Turbulence, yes, strap in and keep the barf bag at hand. At least, that's the way it is for us. Thinking of you, as ever.