Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miss You

"Will they forget about me?"
That's my thought as I make the rounds and try to read a little of all your news.
I can tell you the exact moment that kind of thinking sunk into my psyche.
I was probably about 3 years old.
It was Christmastime.
My older siblings and cousins were dancing around my grandparents' house with their Christmas presents - my brother complete with cowboy hat,holster and toy gun - when I pulled on his pant leg and asked him where my present was.

He hardly missed a beat, telling me, "You're too little," and went back to having a shoot out with his cousin.

I've worked really hard the last few years when I feel that all too familiar panic that I have become invisible or will be forgotten or any other kind of thought pattern that mimics that time so long ago.

I drove hundreds of miles today and made it to a long time friend's house.
Freeways and rain coming down so hard the wipers couldn't keep up, didn't deter me.
I did it anyway, even though I was afraid.
There aren't any freeways where I live and trying to figure out which lane is the one I want is not my idea of a fun pastime. Drivers in this city are very kind though and let me in even after they watched me change from this lane to that within a few car lengths.

Tomorrow is my cardiac MRI among lots of catch up visiting with my friend.
Friday, I get to meet this longtime blogging friend. Cool.

I'm too tired to try and make this post make sense by wrapping it up by tying something in from the beginning of the post.
Miss you.


Chuck Sigars said...

Miss you too, thinking of you and your heart, in so many ways.

Prayer Girl said...

Who cares about wrapping up or tying down or whatever???

We're just glad to be hearing from you.

You are definitely not forgotten or invisible to us and never will be.

God bless and good luck on your cardiac MRI.


Lisa said...

looking forward to meeting!

Steve E. said...

Miss you too, Hope. I am SO TIRED tonight...going to bed w/o writing a blog, first time in Looong time.

Hope your MRI shows, well, that EVERYTHING is OK. Hope you're not frightened about it, or possible results. I remember you blogged about this a couple weeks ago, and now another one?

One of God's gifts is allowing us to meet and greet again friends, who we do not see often, I went to her blog, it is very nice--just too tired to think, much less comment.

Wine and Words said...

Oh Hope, you are not forgotten. And posts don't need to be all beautiful, tied with bow and embellishment. They are heart strings plucked and played, sometimes blues, sometimes symphony...but always welcome.

Cat said...

I hope all goes well tomorrow! Sending good wishes you're way! And will check in for more news later this week.

VICKI IN AZ said...

You are never forgotten.
Thinking of and Praying for you tomorrow.

lorna (stf) said...


Heidi Renee said...

miss you too - and I won't forget!

so glad you're safe and I will be praying as you get your MRI - much love.

we move next weekend - so excited, exhausted and nearly incoherent :P

Gin said...

Hope I am thinking of you today. I hope that all goes well. You are in my thoughts! Keep us posted!

Hey, my security word is flubbi. Isn't that a cute sounding word? :-)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Are you kidding, of course I missed you!!!! We all missed you, when one of us is gone for a spell it's a hole in the internet. I hope that you know that!!!

daisymarie said...

Of course I'll miss you! I do. I hope you have a wonderful reunion with your new friend.

Evelyn said...

Ah, Hope, it's good to see you back to blogging! I've missed you, for sure.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Yeah, what they all said.