Saturday, September 27, 2008

From Muted Hush To Rising Decibels

Just about no spoons tonight. Yet it's a good kind of tired. Nothing that a good night's sleep won't help, if not fix. I chose to stay at the hotel while dearest one and youngest son drove out to see only daughter this evening. I just couldn't face another 2 hours in a vehicle tonight. I will see her tomorrow and will help her celebrate her special day.

Today we went and saw this. I found myself teary the whole way through the exhibit. We are fearfully and wonderfully made kept ringing in my ears as I went from one display to another. Tears threatened to overflow when I got to the part where they showed the development of a baby from conception to birth. I looked at the 6 and 8 week olds and thought of the babies I've lost at those gestations. There was this quiet stillness among all the people looking at the displays. A muted hush when words were spoken.

We went from there to here where there wasn't a muted hush to be found. Ack, the noise. I guess it means it was brimming with life but my goodness the decibel level nearly drove me batty. There was really only one thing I was hoping to buy there and it was in stock so that will be my bedtime reading for a while. A real treat. There used to be a discount book store in this mall and that's the only place I'd go when we visited but it closed a few years ago. Yes, I'd be in the world's largest mall (at that time) and go to a bookstore and forget about the rest of the stores. That sums me up pretty well.

I hope I don't dream of bodies tonight. If I do, I hope it's not a nightmarish kind of dreaming. I couldn't help looking at the bodies today and wondering who caressed that face or who loved this woman. Looking at them brought it home to me that we really aren't our bodies yet it also made me want to take very good care of mine. Who was this person who is there before me? If they could what would they say to me? Come to think of it, that's a question one could ask of the living or the dead.


Black Pete said...

"I don't know" is an acceptable answer. Often, the only one.

Anonymous said...

Such a good post, Hope. I love hearing the way you think. (maybe 'cause I relate) When I first heard of Body World, it freaked me out for essentially the very same reasons as the inner dialogue that you describe.

Pretty much the only thing that makes me feel any enthusiasm in a mall is the bookstore. Despite being a booklover herself, my daughter always groans as we pass one because she knows it could be a long stay. I love second hand bookstores the best because, well, I'm cheap and you never know what treasure you'll find.