Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Stepping My Way To Sanity

I just wrote out a day by day itinerary for this week.
I'm writing this Sunday night and posting it as if it's Monday morning.
Does that count as taking life one day at a time?
I think it will have to be a baby step by baby step kind of week.
Looking at the whole picture feels overwhelming.
Today I hope it is cool enough to do some housework. We've had 30C and a couple for about 4 or 5 days in a row now. That's about 90F and then some. The air conditioner is not keeping up with the heat. Sitting still makes me sweat, never mind moving.
I tend to clean a room and put what I don't know how to want to deal with in the next room. Then I do that with each room until all the left over stuff ends up in the last room. Housekeeping does not come naturally to me. Slobville does.
Tuesday will be more housework. There's carpet stains to get out (I found the greatest cheap cleaner for this)and a bathroom to scrub down. Bedding to wash and floors to clean.
Wednesday is my friend's funeral.
Thursday only daughter and her lover boy come home. She hasn't been home since Christmas. It will be his first trip here.
Friday my parents will come here and spend the night while we travel a few hours to a different province for the wedding preparations.
That would be the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Saturday is the wedding.
Sunday my parents and sisters will be here for supper.
Monday I will wave goodbye to family and promptly cry.
Yep, I think a baby step approach is my only sane choice.
I'm thankful that I know that's an option.
Otherwise it would be dramaville around here.
I'm so glad to know I only have to do this step by step.
That's manageable.
For today.
Er, tomorrow.
Or on a Sunday night writing like it's Monday morning kind of day.


annie said...

I'm glad to see you have steps to take. Sounds like a busy and emotionally varied week. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

daisymarie said...

It all seems manageable. It sounds like you're just planning to "get through" it. I hope there is enjoyment too.

Anonymous said...

One step and one breath at a time. :) Hope you relax and enjoy the revelry, my friend.