Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm healing.
I can handle drug free
childbirth better than
a gash to the knuckle.

There was a light mist of rain overnight.
It left a beautiful fresh scent in its wake.

The energizer bunny and the stray
came-back-from-the-dead cat
have become fast friends.
Watching a pug trying to learn
how to rub up against a cat
makes me laugh.
I did wish yesterday
that the pug could purr.
She seemed so content.

Dearest one and I planted
the garden last night.
Being healthy enough
to take on the responsibility
of a garden is a gift.


daisydreamer said...

what a precious gift...

onionboy said...

"Dearest one and I planted the garden last night."


dirtydishes said...

Hope, I have just found your blog. I linked to you from Pam at sobriety is exhausting. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I just read all of your posts on sexual abuse and you have given me so much hope! especially may 6th 2006.

Pru said...

Yeay for the garden! And the lovely rain smell!