Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walking Away, Moving Forward

I am emotionally done in.
Not a spoon to be found.
I am humbled
by this past week.
Risks taken
Healing unfolding.
Secrets spoken.
Many tears.

Yesterday I lay on
the ground
amidst the prairie sage
saying goodbye
to myself as that
little girl.
At first she was curled in a fetal position
then she healed enough to get up,
run and play amongst the brush.
Growing even bigger she stopped her playing
looked at me and said,
"Thank you for doing the hard work
of healing, for becoming the beautiful
woman you are."
And with that she skipped off
to play.
I lay there until the tears
subsided, then
got up and walked
away from the land.


Heidi Renee said...

wish i could have laid there with you dear friend. and know that our little girls would have been fast friends!

will say it again I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

thanks for sharing this....makes me wonder if that's what my little girl inside needs.

beth said...

Beautiful. Simply precious. Truth, and life, and peace.

God's blessings upon you.


Anonymous said...


wilsonian said...


onionboy said...

walk on, good friend and may peace be with you.

Duckie said...

I'm proud of you :)

ron cole said...

It's funny praying for a friend, it's not so much finding the right words for the right answers...the right outcome. It's to praying for mystery, that the wind will blow...not knowing, where, when or how. But, just that that wind will be there to guide, that it will transform...that somehow we leave knowing it has somehow mysteriously changed the landscape of lives. It would appear, prayers have been answered.

Lisa said...


gracie said...

truly a gift of grace to you. and to me because you shared it. Thank you.

daisydreamer said...

wow and amen. the gift is to you both. may the growing, healing, and playing never end.