Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bits and Pieces

This week has felt like a mile in length.
Tomorrow I'll start recording answers to questions from the radio producer.
He actually told me not to erase anything I record. He said he might have been able
to use that bit where dearest one chased me around the kitchen and I was laughing.
So dearest one will surprise me one day soon and chase me again and we'll see if I
have the same reaction. Laughing with dearest one is one of my favourite past times.

Yesterday dearest one and I were up shortly after 5 am and into town before 7.
I had lab work and a diagnostic test at the hospital and he was there with a group of students.
A noon AA meeting and a counseling session were lined up for the afternoon. I was in a fair amount of pain from the test at the hospital but today it's better. The dizziness from the weekend is gone but nausea continues to plague me. It feels minor all things considered.
The best part of my day was walking into a regular store and trying on all these cute tops and being thrilled/shocked that they fit. Not sure when my warped body image will be a thing of the past. Sometimes it feels like I peer into a mirror when I try on clothes and say, "Hope, is that you?"
I booked my plane ticket home so I can interview family for the radio piece. I'll be there in less than 3 weeks and will be staying a week.
I have a blog post I want to write about what's going on inside me about the whole deal but am waiting for some input from a family member first before I go ahead.
I hope you've had a good week.
The geese are back.
It's really and truly Spring!


Jim said...

Happy Spring, Hope.......

Anonymous said...

Yes, the geese are back!! Woohoo! Glad to hear news from you, Hope, and that the dizziness has dissipated. Been wondering how it was going....


ron cole said...

This time last year we were driving back to Saskatchewan for my father inlaws funeral. We were about 80 miles north of Regina, the sun was setting in the vast living skies of the prairies. And on the horizon, almost as far as you could see from east to west, looked like a dark cloud. But as we drove north, what looked like cloud was a sky filled with Canada geese. It was breath-taking, wonderous and left one in awe. Spring, such a beautiful and hope-filled season...the earth awakening coming back to life. Creation does glorify the Creator, the seasons giving revelation of the seasons our own lives go through.Continued prayers as you head home...may it be a time filled with Hope. Peace...Ron