Monday, October 15, 2007

Perfectly Okay

11 months abstinence from sexual addiction today.
That addiction and food bingeing are
my default setting
when I'd rather not deal
with life
on life's terms.
When that happens
I get so mired in shame
that alcohol calls my name.
Today I choose
to be aware.
Ask for help.
To accept life as it is
not as I would like it to be.
Although how it is, is good.
Very good.
For today I can handle anything,
with God's help.
It's no longer about life being
a certain way
for me to be happy.
Well, I can say that easily
because I'm happy today.
But you get my drift.
I can't do any of it perfectly.
And finally that's perfectly okay.


Val said...

You rock, Hope. :)

Love you!

JustMe said...

Well done!!

Grace, Every Day said...

Hope, catching up on the past few days and I am so thrilled to hear the consistent HOPE in your writing. Praise God for what is happening in your life....

daisymarie said...

Asher has a toddler video that has the old Sunday School chorus on it: If You're Happy and You Know It! The las verse is: if you're happy and you know it shout Hurray!

Hurray!!!!!!! This entry seemed to shout Hurray to me!!!! So I'm shouting back!!!!!