Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On Track

"If nothing changes.....nothing changes!"

That is one of the great catch phrases that Earnie Larson says again and again in his stage II recovery videos. Yesterday I took it to heart. I've had a couple of days of feeling like I'm going to slip right back into old habits and to hell with recovery. So last night I moved my journal and AA books, etc. back into the night table drawer so that I have a greater chance to take care of those things first in the morning. They were in the livingroom and I am skilled at getting sidetracked by whatever comes my way on route from the bedroom to the livingroom in the morning. No wonder I then find myself at 3 in the afternoon without having done any self care, any of the things that will enhance my recovery and keep it on track.

Thank God for a new day. An opportunity to change something.

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onionboy said...

Amen to that, this I mean, "Thank God for a new day. An opportunity to change something."

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