Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

We've been without a phone service since Saturday. It certainly makes for a much quieter house. No phone. No internet. We survived. I'm glad it was easy to get fixed this morning by some techinician in a building far away from here.

Dearest one did just come in the house though and told me he found it no suprise that I was on the internet. Some habits die hard.

The storm is over, the cold weather came and went. There's the beginnings of a chinook arch on the horizon. In the space of the last week then we went from blizzard conditions and 20+cm of fresh snow to -35C cold to above freezing temperatures today. What's that saying? If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes, it'll change.

I took my chances on highway conditions Saturday morning and went to my AA meeting. The roads were icy and by the time I got over half way there I wasn't too sure I was happy with my decision. But going was worth it. A good meeting. Food for thought as always.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately and haven't been able to gather my thoughts yet. I feel an openess in my spirit that hasn't been there for a long time. I have an appointment with Fr. Charlie tomorrow and am hoping to hash some of this out with him then. Today is the only day until next Monday when I don't have commitments to attend to outside my home. Spoons, spoons, I'll be in need of some. Having a good mental outlook somehow makes my spoon supply bearable.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. I was worried that you might have floated away in one of your ice bubbles.

We had the big melt right after New Year's and then, it plunged to -35 and seems to be holding fairly steady. (We won't mention the windchill factor...)


daisymarie said...

I was truly starting to formulate an email to check on you. Glad you're ok and that you got out. I can't wait to share in your reflective journey...blessings.

Poor Mad Peter said...

To paraphrase the Ancient Mariner: Grace is the blessing "unawares", as in we are unaware of it until it's well into things.