Sunday, April 30, 2006

Got Some Hope?

Yesterday I was in a group of women and one of the questions we were asked was for each of us to share something positive about ourselves. I know many of the women squirmed big time - I shared that I thought being honest about my struggles was an encouragement to others so that they could share their struggles with me. I came home and told my husband and before I could share what I had said he told me that one of the most positive things about me was that my pen name was Hope and that I had encouraged so many people who perhaps never leave a comment on here or I would never even know read my blog.

It's a very rough time for me right now. Not a lot of hopeful things to write. I feel like I am making the smallest of strides(some backwards) when all I really want is to take as big a step as I can - the kind I would make when I played Simon Says when I was a kid. Today at church I had this conversation with God - I finally stopped doing my "na-na-na-na I can't hear you God" dance - long enough to see a picture of a painful path in front of me and the only way to a better place was straight through the pain. Shit.

All this to say that if you could leave me a hopeful comment I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Note: Thank you so much for your generous, thoughtful and hope filled comments. They are worthy of a post in themselves. Thank you for your prayers and friendship.

1 comment:

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