Sunday, October 02, 2005

Scrambling For Safety

We didn't get the snow they forecast last night. That is good news. This morning I did wake up though to a mouse in the water pitcher. Poor little thing had been in there for a while - it looked up at me while frantically trying to climb the sides of the pitcher. Sides that must have seemed like Mount Everest. I took pity on it and poured the water and mouse over the edge of the deck then threw the pitcher away.

The mouse was only trying to crawl its way to safety. It mistakenly thought a warm house would be safe. He never saw the water pitcher coming. Crawled right across the microwave and next thing he knows he's in the water pitcher scrambling for safety that will never be his unless someone helps him.

I'm sitting here tonight feeling a kinship with that poor mouse. Manouevering my way verbally to a safe place has been my coping mechanism of choice for more years than I can remember. With all the changes going on in those dearest to me there is no safe place to manouever myself to verbally now except one. "Oh Lord, to Thee do we cry...."

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