Wednesday, August 31, 2005

100 Things About Me

Inspired by Sue at Inner Dorothy.

1. I was only 2 pounds at birth
2. My birthweight has increased 100 fold
3. I wouldn't tell that to just anyone
4. I am an introvert
5. I envy extroverts
6. Being honest is a thorn in the flesh
7. But I can't seem to stop doing it
8. I've been sober 17 years
9. Today I dreamed that I broke my sobriety with a cold beer
10. I woke up and was tempted to do just that
11. But I didn't
12. As a child I wanted to be a ballet dancer
13. But now would settle for being a belly dancer
14. I am an intense friend
15. I worry that it keeps me from having many friends
16. Because the intense friends I have I can only take in small doses
17. But I like being intense
18. I am more merciful towards others than I am towards myself
19. When I was a teenager I bet my brother 50 bucks that I would have a book published by the time I was 50.
20. I am running out of time
21. Fear keeps me from putting the 3 books that ride around in my head onto paper
22. I haven't admitted #21 outloud before
23. I still hope to win the bet
24. My brother hopes I do too
25. Watching sports on TV is my favourite Saturday habit
26. I yell right along with the athletes - especially the curlers.
27. So much so my family often thinks I am in pain when all I am doing is encouraging the people to do their best.
28. When I was a preschooler I heard my granny tell my mom I was ugly
29. I thought that was the gospel truth
30. It wasn't
31. I am most cynical when I am around Christians
32. I often am proud of that
33. That's not good I know
34. It's easier to feed my feelings than face them head on
35. I'm trying to change that
36. People close to me prefer me to feed my feelings if facing them involves them
37. Being lonely is a new feeling
38. It is a surprising one
39. I hope it doesn't last
40. It is easier to write about my reality on here than talk about it to my friends
41. I don't know if that is healthy but I suspect it isn't
42. I have a hard time letting conversations be about the other person
43. Commenting on blogs has shown me this is so ingrained in me it's embarrassing
44. I hope to go back to school one day
45. I worry that my chronic illness will prevent me from attaining many of my goals
46. I worry that I will use my health as an excuse not to attain my goals
47. I am lazy
48. I worry that I will be a lonely old lady
49. I believe I will be a greatly loved grandma
50. I am surprised how hard it is to come up with 100 things to type about me
51. I have two sisters and two brothers
52. I am a middle child
53. I am more likely to see wildlife than another human being(other than my kids or husband) in the course of my day
54. I live far enough away from a grocery store that I only buy groceries 2x a month
55. Especially in winter, I can go from one Sunday to another without getting in a car
56. If you drive to Alaska you will drive within half a mile of my house
57. Unless you go through BC to get there
58. Number of times I've been under anesthetic in the double digits
59. So is the number of years I've been married
60. And the number of homes I've lived in
61. But not the number of kids I have
62. Had you going didn't I?
63. Praying outloud with others panics me
64. I don't do it unless I absolutely have to
65. And I wish I never did
66. I try not to feel guilty about that but I do
67. I've lived in 3 different provinces
68. And have traveled in 6 of them
69. My husband and I met as penpals
70. I was only 14 when we started writing
71. That was 29 years ago this month
72. We still write to one another when words are too painful to speak
73. When we finally met he was running away from God and I was an atheist
74. We both became Christians within a year of one another
75. We were baptized on the same day
76. We eloped
77. We have renewed our vows twice
78. Staying married is the hardest work we have done
79. I dream of painting water colour pictures
80. And making my own stained glass windows
81. I wish I could have the Blessed Sacrament in my own home
82. I would spend a good part of my day before it
83. I am afraid that makes me sound fanatical
84. It's taken me an hour to get this far in my list
85. It's easier for me to worry about the "what ifs" in life than deal with reality
86. I read about over 100 books a year
87. I panic if I have nothing new to read
88. The library was my haven as a child
89. I only have one kidney
90. Journalism was my major in college
91. My kids call me the grammar queen
92. Even though my punctuation is terrible
93. I have ambivalent feelings about my 15 years spent homeschooling
94. I dropped the TV part of my college education because I was scared of having to go in front of the camera
95. I had what it took to do a good job on TV but didn't know it then
96. I regret that my fear kept me from trying
97. I read books outloud to my kids at bedtime until my oldest was 16
98. Once I read them one Narnia book nightly until my voice gave out on the third night
99. I never fueled up a car until after I was married
100. I've never changed a flat tire

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