Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bigger or smaller?

Do you ever wonder if blogging(and the internet in general) has made your world bigger or smaller? Seriously. Some days I think about all the people I now feel like I know in cyberspace and yet I look around me and realize the life where I had a girlfriend I phoned daily is gone. Maybe that was only to get through the times of raising little kids and homeschooling and keeping my sanity intact. I don't know. I do shudder to think what it would have been like to have this cyber community around when the kids were little. I think I would have been hunkered down in front of this monitor in an addictive/hang onto my sanity not good kind of way. Because we didn't have a computer back then I was forced to reach out to the community around me for support. Perhaps this is one of those neither/nor issues but where each can broaden the other?

And then I think about how the written word can convey such deep thoughts that are harder to express in person. Is that why we feel like we know one another here in cyberspace? Is it that we skip the pleasantries and get to the guts of the matter sooner, much sooner, than we would if we met in person?

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