Saturday, April 30, 2005


Ok, so daisymarie tagged me in a blog game. Here's the deal: I have to pick 5 or more of the following occupations and post my answers here. Then, I tag 3 other people to post their answers on their blog. Got it? Sounds like fun, huh?

Here goes....The "questions":If I could be a scientist...If I could be a farmer...If I could be a musician...If I could be a doctor...If I could be a painter...If I could be a gardener...If I could be a missionary...If I could be a chef...If I could be an architect...If I could be a linguist...If I could be a psychologist...If I could be a librarian...If I could be an athlete...If I could be a lawyer...If I could be an inn-keeper...If I could be a professor...If I could be a writer...If I could be a llama-rider...If I could be a bonnie pirate...If I could be an astronaut...If I could be a world famous blogger...If I could be a justice on any one court in the world...If I could be married to any current famous political figure...

1. If I could be a librarian I would pay special attention to the children who loved to live in the library. I would take an interest in their lives and what books they liked to read. I would try to be someone who made a difference in their life. Libraries were safe and special places for me when I was a kid. I managed to read almost every book in the youth section of the library when I was a teen.

2. If I could be a professor I would encourage my students to think outside the box. To look at life through a different lense. To not be afraid of a differing point of view. I'd want to be a professor of a subject I had a passion for. I'd want to communicate that passion effectively enough that it was caught by my students.

3. If I could be a doctor I would listen to my patients. I wouldn't pretend I knew it all. I'd teach my patients to listen and trust what their body was telling them. I would know that healing comes in many forms, not all of them medical.

4. If I could be a musician I would play the piano. I would feel the music so deeply that it resonated in my very being. It would come across as if my soul was playing the music not just my fingers. Playing the piano would be an expression of worship.

5. If I could be a missionary I would honour the culture of the people I was working with. I would not expect them to become some north american version of a Christian.

Here are three people I would like to tag in blogland.....Michael and Ginger and Matt.

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