Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pieces of hope for this Hope gal

It is such a joy to read posts from other bloggers that give me hope. I tend to see the dark side of everything first and have to really stretch to see the light. Here are a few of my favourite recent posts from other bloggers that give me hope. Enjoy.

Amy over at amy loves books has a beautiful post about hope on March 31st that brought tears to my eyes. Her students are richly blessed to have her in their corner. Teachers like Amy are the kind that got me through high school and some pretty rough times.

Crystal from digital paper writes the most beautiful, heartfelt poetry.

Beth from file this ... has two recent posts here and here. I love an honest girlfriend even when I don't.(You know what I mean)

These are just a few of the recent gems I have come across in the past few days. The blogs listed on the side of my blog are just a few of the blogs I read daily. Some are common listings on several blogs and some are unique. I glean something from them all.

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