Sunday, January 02, 2005

Poor, Crippled, Blind or Lame

The title of this post comes from some thoughts from Anthony DeMello's book that I mentioned yesterday called The Way To Love. In it he talks about being in the presence of someone that generates negative feelings in oneself and seeing them as being poor, crippled, blind or lame instead of as stubborn or malicious.

This thought has helped me alot. Not that I put blinders on to what I do see in someone else but to remind me that I don't see the whole picture.

Yesterday when I saw this thought underlined in my book, I realized that I need to apply it to myself as well. When I am not happy with myself, full of self hatred, I need to remember that I am poor, crippled, blind or lame. I need to be gentle nor judgemental towards myself. Then I will be free to see beneath the surface and deal with what needs to be dealt with in my life. When I judge and condemn myself, without mercy, the world looks very black.

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