Monday, July 12, 2010

Stinkin' Thinkin'

It is good to be home.
It took a while to get here.
On the third leg of our journey
the plane turned around 10 minutes into the flight because of mechanical problems.
As I listened to people complain
all I could think of was
that we were alive to bitch about it.
(So quit yer bitchin' people.)

As I sat waiting for our luggage to start
making its way around the carousel I watched
people reunite.
Tears lurked around the corners of my eyes
several times as I saw people so happy
to see each other.
Everybody needs somebody to miss them.


Dearest one and I walked miles upon miles
along the sea shore. To see mountains and ocean
in one view was incredible.

One day I left dearest one on the beach
and went back to our hotel room to get ready
to walk to an AA meeting. The cleaning lady
was in the midst of cleaning our room
but I really needed to go pee.

If I had any doubts that I needed a meeting
they disappeared as I went to yank some
toilet paper off the roll and the whole thing
went flying across the room.
My very first thought was that
the cleaning lady was being passive aggressive
and had positioned that roll just so
it would go flying when I yanked on it.

I know. Total insanity.

How grateful I am that there is a place
I can go and tell that story
and people nod in agreement
because their thinking
is just as fucked up some days.

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Kathy M. said...

Welcome back! I had to laugh at the image of the TP roll flying across the room. I love when I can tell a story on myself at a meeting and everyone laughs because they have done and thought the same thing at some point. I love the fact that, today, I can laugh, too.

Andrew said...

LOL! I do that all the time!

Yup, insanity is what it is.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

My TP at home has an unstable roll so I continually do that...LOL!!

So glad you're back and yeah, it's good to be alive and turning back on a plane than not!!!


Prayer Girl said...

I am laughing out loud as I nod my head in understanding. :)


TechnoBabe said...

Hi Hope, I really like the picture of the planters and big rock with HOPE on the rock. Your story of the toilet paper holder is something many people have encountered but you were proactive and got to a meeting to share with other people in recovery. Way cool. Isn't it interesting that no matter how healthy we get, sometimes we revert to our old behavior in our minds like when your first thought was negative about the cleaning lady. I find myself clearing my head and heart and thinking straight and using my tools so often.

daisymarie said...


steveroni said...

Hey! I never did that...well, it doesn't happen when ya use the Sears catalog!!!

Yep, Yer SO right...don't we all think alike. Aren't we ALL human? Do we not ALL "want someone to miss us"?

Nice to be here, and read your thoughts today, Hope!


Daisy said...

just nodding along...


Robin said...

Glad you're back, safe and sound. (and thank you so much for your comment about Mimi's eye patch ... those connections are the most wonderful thing about this blog business. I felt immediately better reading and identifying with your words.)