Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beyond The Swamp

I read this guy's daily message often. Today's hit the spot for me:
"The story of Beowulf is an ancient story about the King of Denmark who sent his best officers to kill the monster, Grendahl who kept eating the children. Finally the monster was killed and all rejoiced. But later that night an even greater monster came and laid waste to the land. The greater monster was his mother.

It is not the thing that we fear that drags us down but the mother of that which we fear. The point of the story for those of us on the journey is that we start off thinking we know what the problem is, we think we know what the fear is, we think we can probably create a box strong enough to contain the fear. What we find out is that it is something much deeper that we must face. As we journey towards the light it takes lots of courage. The ability to accept that we are loved, that someone will stand up for us, to truly believe in our heart that we are loved and accepted and treasured for who we are is courageous work. But behind this work is far greater light. Beyond the swamp, is peace."

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