Sunday, May 25, 2008

Belly Down, Standing Tall

I've spent the last few weeks
travelling back and forth
between stuck and unstuck.
Some days find me belly down in the rut
and others have me standing back up tall again.
One afternoon when I was home
doing the radio documentary
I followed a well worn cattle trail
from the middle of the farm
back to the barn yard.
Those trails always lead home.
I'm trying to trust that the path I'm on
is headed in a good direction as well.
It means being present in the now.
Being present sometimes feels like being stuck.
Other times it means unstuck.
Being present.
I hope it won't always
be a place of fear for me.
A place I often avoid
even though I know it's the only
sane place to be
despite what it feels like.


Lisa said...

oh my... yes... such a good description of the challenge of being present... thanks for sharing.

Black Pete said...

Speaking of radio documentary, Hopester, when are they running it? Not trying to be a [est or anything... :)

Jim said...

My poetic endeavors always amount to something akin to "Roses are red, violets...". Working within elementary school Fifth Grade education the last few years has enlightened me to other forms, but my skills with such art has not yet evolved. It is, however, always pleasing to read you in whatever this style of verse is called. It tends, if only in my imagination, to become a melody in my mind and I catch the words as if sung from your heart.....

Hope said...

Lisa - you're welcome.
BP - I should find out this week when the air date is. The head guy in TO is on holidays until Wed. and it's his decision.
Jim - thank you, as always for reading between the lines.

onionboy said...

despite what it feels like - yes, amen to that.