Sunday, January 28, 2007

Walk In The Light

It's dark in here except for the light of the computer screen. That makes me think of my high school typing teacher and her endless advice of 'sit up straight', 'lift up your wrists' , and 'stop looking at the keyboard'. Thanks to her nagging I can type in the dark. She was a chain smoker who liked to get us going on an assignment and then she'd spend the rest of the class in the teacher's lounge, smoking. You never knew when she would come back in, the first words out of her mouth a piece of advice on how to improve your typing skills.

I suppose the only other creatures happy to be in the dark right now are the mice. They have successfully evaded the friggin trap for 3 nights in a row. Peanut butter didn't work, cheese didn't work. They even went so far as to leave their trademark all around the trap before they cheerfully went and investigated the rest of the kitchen. Dearest one told me tonight of a time his dad sat in a chair in the house and shot a mouse right under the dining room table. I can understand what frustration led him to do that, I really can. Cleaning mouse poop out of the crumb tray on the toaster gives me the creeps. How they get in there is a mystery to me.

Dearest one is sleeping, coming home so tired after another 12 hour shift at the hospital. The commute adds two extra hours to his day, so by the time he gets home he is ready for sleep. I am thankful for the good humoured people he works with, who make his day easier to get through. If you have a nurse in your life who is taking care of a loved one, a word of thanks would go a long way to brighten their day.

I went to see my friend yesterday only to find out she'd been transferred to a city hospital four hours away. That is not good news. It means she is unstable enough to need more specialized care. When she was admitted here her fever was 104F. When you already have a compromised immune system, infection can kill you.

Although dearest one works 2 floors above the one my friend had been on, it never crossed my mind to take the elevator up there and say hi to him. (No need to wonder where you get the 'it never occurred to me' syndrome, only daughter!) I was so focused on seeing my friend that I forgot he was working. He teased me that my hair wasn't even blond. I laughed. I always wanted blond hair.

This post over at Swept Overhas been hounding me, it's closing lines sticking in my mind: "(1) Silence is almost always wiser than speaking. (2) The only apologetic is love." Today's Mass readings included the love chapter (1 Corinthians 13) and it sunk in a bit further that love is more important than many other things I get hung up on. Almost anything else is easier to do than truly love on someone.
Including typing in the dark.


ukok said...

Commisserations on the mouse problem.

My brother and his 'first' wife went on holiday to America, they returned home late and the next morning at home my brother made breakfast. A mouse had found it's way into the toaster while they were away and hence he served up toasted mouse for breakfast...much to his new wife's horror!

Hope said...

Oh, that is gross. At least I only had to deal with their droppings, not their bodies. But I would like their bodies to disappear. :)

Pru said...

You're right...truly loving someone is the most challenging thing I have ever tried to do - but it seems to me to be the best and most worthwhile use of my time.