Monday, October 17, 2005

Revelation and Faith

Monday night. Time for sleep soon. I was away all weekend at a Lay Formation Program that I am taking through our diocese. The professor this past weekend was a scripture scholar from a university 4 hours away. Wow...what a lot a person can learn from just three verses of the bible. He spoke on revelation and faith. We looked at verses where the senses of sight and hearing were what God used to get someone's attention and then God revealed His mission to that person.

At one point on the weekend I got pretty teary and the professor looked at me and said, "Enough revelation for one weekend?" and I said, "Yes." His teachings brought me to places inside where I was pondering my own times of God's revelation in my life and how it always calls me to some kind of action. This weekend I just thought I didn't want anymore revelation right now, thank you very much. And I was also a bit humbled that God ever reveals himself to me.

It is a wonderful group of people I am taking the course with. Everyone from a local farm woman to the superintendent of the Catholic school system. Everyone has some wisdom to impart. As a group there is a good spirit among us. I think most of us are chomping at the bit to have more time for discussion with the teacher. This past weekend the professor was intent on his agenda and there wasn't time. That was a disappointment.

I came home to a son with a black eye he got at a youth group event. It was best I wasn't home as I tend to be a bit reactionary to stuff like that. Couple that with learning that my other son has recently tried smoking pot and only daughter letting me know she won't be in contact as much as she finds her own way through the path called being-her-own-person-separate-from-her-mother and well, it's been an intense few days. And to top it all off, I am finding I can be fine in spite of it all. That's still cool to me. It doesn't mean I like all these happenings but I can sit here and realize it doesn't have to be my undoing....I don't have to all of a sudden be "not fine" because of it. I get to choose how I am in spite of circumstances. It also means I could be doing crappy because of them or I could be doing fine. I'm learning. And that's cool too. I just may get to truly be a grown up one day!

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