Monday, January 17, 2011

Raking Snow

That's one of the Puglies outside before we got another dump of snow. We've had another foot of it since I last posted. Oh, joys. Dearest one and I are snowed in today. There sure is a difference between having the option of seeing other human beings and not. I'm tempted to go to work tomorrow for the human contact even though it's my regular day off.

A few days ago I was able to participate in a AA Phone Meeting due to the good fortune of the folks who provide such a service. There was something calming about hearing other people share their experience, strength and hope. It's a great resource if you are getting a little cabin fever like I am and can't get to a meeting.

I am grateful to have a warm house, whose roof I hope holds under the snow load until we can get it cleaned off. I had no idea until a few days ago there was such a thing as a snow rake. We just got up on the roof and shovelled. Physical limitations mean that's not an option for either of us so a snow rake it will be.

Today the temperature finally broke the -30C mark. Perspective. I tell you it's all about perspective. Rah, rah, rah. I think mine's buried beneath the snow. I wonder if there's a rake for that?


daisymarie said...

-30C reminds me of the winter we spent in Northern Wisconsin. Is yours a dry cold? Guess it really doesn't matter...cold is cold. Hope you're able to make human contact. Can you skype?

rob culhane said...

In complete contrast, here in Australia, its summer, well of sorts. Its a wet summer. The wettest since 1974. One third of Queensland is flood affected, one third of my state, Victoria is affected, about a fifth of northern New South Wales is affected: in total it would be about a quarter of the mainland United States in size.
I've just got back from a week at the beach too. It rained but the sun did come out too. My photos of the sunset at are quite a contrast to your frozen landscape and sunset.
yours in Christ, Rob

Scott said...

cute lil puglet lol winter can be tough on the soul at times, I feel for you!