Monday, August 16, 2010


(written two weeks ago)

The silence is hard. I've been on self imposed silence since yesterday when dearest one left on a trip. I don't consider myself much of a tv watcher but reached for the remote many times today until I remembered my vow. No music.
No radio news. No tv.
Just me and the puglies.

The only exception I made was to listen to this album while I work on my novel. Many of its lyrics lend themselves to my work, evoking emotions in me that in turn trickle down to my characters. I just finished writing for the day and realized I'd forgotten to turn the music on while I typed.

This morning I had to push down the pile of paper to see the bottom of my computer screen. Tonight my desk is shiny clean. So is the floor. It feels good.

The silence was both disturbing and soothing.

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Beth said...

I've missed you....and I'm thankful for the link to Jann Arden. She's new to me. This is gorgeous stuff.

Blessings to you today, friend.

Enchanted Oak said...

Yes! a clean desk! I'm glad you broke your silence here.
Your novel makes me curious. I want to know what you're writing. Feel an intense interest as a matter of fact. Wouldn't mind at all reading the first chapter. Just as a blog friend. Not as a critic. Lord knows I'm not a critic. I'm off to a writers conference this weekend to study first chapters of my own and several others' novels. I hate the critiques I have to do on the others' work. I cringe at what the others will say of mine. Sometimes I wonder what the hell am I doing going to a writers conference about a book I wrote 11 years ago. I'm a poet now. What am I doing?
Anyway, email me if you wouldn't mind sharing a portion of your novel:

Emily J. said...

I admire your commitment. Working on trying to quiet the voices of criticism in my own head.

Black Pete said...

"I see they got you, too." from Richard Hilary (

God's blessings on your writing, Hopester.