Friday, August 27, 2010


It is good to be home.
It is cold and rainy and the perfect weather for lying on the couch under a blanket and watching TV or reading a book.
Tomorrow we'll go buy groceries and replenish the cupboards.
I try not to take that privilege for granted.
Because it is a privilege.

One of the Puglies didn't recognize me when I came home and it took several seconds of talking to him before he did. I think that means I've been gone a bit much lately.

Today one of my coworkers said that getting older sucks.
I may feel 80 today, exhaustion still hanging around,
but I have to say that getting older is a gift.
It means we are alive.
I told her that.
Normally I wouldn't.
I'd just think it.
But whatever life brings, it's still life, ya know?
As my Dad would say, "It's better than the alternative."

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Mary Christine said...

Cold and rainy? Sounds fabulous.

I find getting older one of the bigger challenges I have ever faced. But I am grateful to be facing it.

Black Pete said...

We have a dear, feisty 86+-year-old friend who says much the same thing. She has also made us very aware of the possibility, as she has, of surviving all one's friends and how important it is to make new ones.

Joy said...

Welcome back home. :)

I had an elderly Auntie that lived well into her 90's that was always sure to comment how privileged she was to be able to retire (she thought she'd have to work forever), and to have friends and health so she could go out regularly with her friends, and enjoy her family.

Dianne said...

Birthdays are the same, for me.
Not to fret over how much older we have grown away from youth.
A time to honor the friend and take joy that they were born at all!
why don't people get that?
do they look at the alternative?