Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When my kids were little I worked hard not show fear of any spiders, bugs and all things creepy crawly, including hamsters. That came about because of a memory of a neighbour when I was a kid, who had to come to our house until her husband got home, because Barn Swallows had built a nest above her front door and she was terrified of them when they came swooping down at her. She had three kids who took in her every fear.

So when I had my own kids, I took a deep breath and pretended that that Daddy Long Legs crawling on my hand was my new best friend. Lord knows I was screaming my head off inside myself. Did you ever hear that urban legend as a kid about the woman who never brushed her hair and a spider laid eggs in it and all those baby spiders came crawling out of her head? That story didn't help me get any less fearful. Are you scratching your hair right now? I am. But honestly? The little pitter patter of hamsters feet across my skin made me want to crawl out of my skin. I'm getting freaked out just thinking about it.

One day, when my kids were all teenagers and had proven fearless when it came to every living thing (well, except maybe for their mother) I told my daughter that no, actually I had no desire to hold her hamster and that I actually didn't like them. This after having cages of hamsters that I took great interest in. I think she still feels like I was a traitor, lier, what have you. (Do you daughter?)

Between last night and this morning we have caught 5 mice in traps on the counter. Sometimes they are still alive. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. Dearest one went on a road trip this morning to a family member's funeral so either I wait until he gets back to deal with the traps/mice or I will have to deal with them myself. I bet any one of my kids could do it without getting freaked out at all. Is this one of those things they'll thank me for later?

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Pru said...

Let's just say I'm not be the only actor in our family! It was such a shock...but I'm glad I'm not afraid of bugs and mice, although I have no love for ants. Ick, ants...horrid little beasts. I'd take a dead/dying mouse in a trap over ants any day.

Whispering Heart said...

i remember that ant who's head stayed behind when it got pulled off your arm Pru...i had no idea you could panic like that :D

daisymarie said...

My head wasn't itching, but my gut was churning. Back in '87 I moved to KC ahead of Nelson and the house we rented (sight unseen) had a mouse problem. They were everywhere. I found them on the bed where my girls (then 3 and 4) were sleeping. I keep a cat to keep away the mice (or at least I tell myself that)

Enchanted Oak said...

A cat is a wonderful idea, Hope. Maybe you have one, and it is also disgusted by mice.
Are you using those awful glue traps? Some sadist invented those. I once took a little mousie trapped by only its leg to the park and tried to free its little leggie from the glue. That was not a good experience.
I would come and help if I could. Trapping gophers in metal traps in my garden has made me pretty good with the shovel solution, even if I have to scream while doing it.

Black Pete said...

Not passing on your issues to your children is an act of will, and of faith. Well done, Hopester!

Marla said...

I don't hate mice but I do hate mice in mouse traps. I feel for you.