Monday, May 31, 2010

Waking Up

Last night I told myself that if I woke up an hour before my alarm that I would get up and do an hour of yoga. This morning I meandered to the bathroom, telling myself I wouldn't look at the clock. I wanted to be free of culpability. Of owning my choice to not do what I said I would. Of course I peeked just as I crawled back into bed to find that it was not even 4:30 AM. Ninety whole minutes before the alarm was to go off. I laid in bed for half an hour trying to go back to sleep but that nagging thought about yoga prevented it. And so here I am, right when my alarm is supposed to go off with breakfast eaten, blogs read and yoga no where in sight.

I contemplated going for a walk but this is the time when bears like to traipse through our field and last week dearest one puzzled over whether a paw print in the mud was a cougar's or that of a wolf. I decided to pass on a walk, too.

The birds are singing as I type. It seems like they sing around the clock these days as we inch closer to the longest daylight day of the year. By that time we will not really get pitch black at any time in the night here. Makes it hard to go to sleep and harder still to tell what time it is.

Of course if my alarm clock could it would flash TIME TO DO YOGA.


Andrew said...

I am struggling lately with doing the things I need to do to recover some semblance of physical health.

I find so many ways to avoid doing these things.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I so get this post, I have in so many months woken up early only to go back to bed to avoid doing what I said I was going to do...geesh...anything to somehow think I can "get away" with something...I am working on things and have managed to stick with some and let others go. thank you for the reminder.

Daisy said...

I'm glad you passed on the early walk; no need to become any bear's breakfast.