Friday, May 21, 2010


I was going to wait to take a picture until the snow stopped but that won't be until tomorrow sometime. It does look pretty from where I sit. I'm glad I cancelled an appointment for today to see my spiritual director a few days ago. I have no desire to drive in this. I bet the snow doesn't look so pretty to those on the highway. I don't blame them.

I am grateful that being in AA has taught me that my attitude about those things over which I have no control is totally within my control. For whatever reason I couldn't grasp that message in church, I couldn't grasp it from anyone else, either. It was only when I came into the rooms for the second time that I grasped it. Sometimes I worry that I sound pollyannaish because of it. It doesn't mean I like everything that comes my way. Of course not. I'm human. I do work hard though to reframe most everything in life that isn't to my liking. It doesn't change my feelings about it but it helps me not live in a perpetual state of the 'poor me's'.

It is perfect snowman weather out there.


Pru said...

That is a crazy difference from the picture of the planters! Hard to believe it all happened in a day. Wow.
I would build a snowman with you if I was there. :)

Evelyn said...

There's a HUGE difference between "liking" somingthing, and "accepting" it, isn't there?

You mention a spiritual director. I'm pondering working with a spiritual director myself. It feels like something I want to do, and at the same time my fear of failure is raising it's ugly head, or perhaps it's more like my fear that my rebellious streak will NOT like being "directed". Ah.... now I'm back to the difference between "liking" and "accepting". ..... sigh

Kathy M. said...

What a great message. "My attitude about those things over which I have no control is totally within my control." Well put. Thank you.

Your snowy pictures feel surreal to me. We hit the three-digit mark a couple of days ago.

Daisy said...

I love that snowman sentence! It's a perfect catch-phrase for me to keep in mind when I start kvetching.