Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want Some Cheese With That?

~ I've been sick all week and for the first time saw what a whiny, sick person I can be. I've always judged whiny, sick people harshly.
~ I took one day off work and spent far more than 15 minutes surfing the web that day.
~ Someone spent way too much time reading my blog yesterday. I alternated between thinking why would they? and holey moley, someone loves my writing. Then today, when I saw that someone else from a different country did the same thing, I got all conspiracy theory paranoid like they are getting ready to spam me or something evil like that.
~ I have 550 envelopes to stuff and get in the mail tomorrow. I feel too sick to care about getting that done.I hope the people getting those letters don't think I am spamming them.
~ I usually take life pretty much in stride. Today, little things at work irritated the hell out of me. After the third try at loading staples into our copier stapler, only to see them fall on the floor once again, I nearly chucked the whole lot somewhere, anywhere, but refrained at the last minute. I refrained mostly in order to protect my take it in stride image at work, not for any lofty reason.
~ After several phone calls to tech support where they asked me stupid questions I decided to stop calling them. I'd noticed my attitude was taking a nose dive after I continually answered the tech person's questions in monotone one syllable words. I've judged people harshly for speaking in a monotone voice when I thought they should be good representatives of their company.
~ The phrase fuck off, especially said with a pause between the words, fits that one syllable word category rather nicely. I don't think I've ever said it in a monotone voice.
~ It might surprise you that I write that word more here than I actually say it in real life.
~ I'm watching TV with the sound off. It drives dearest one batty. He stole the remote control before to change the channel, because in his mind I wasn't really watching TV anyway. I turn the sound off most of the time when I watch sports because I either can't handle the tension of the game or the commentators' comments make me want to resort to using one syllable words.
~ I'm going to spend the rest of the evening and all day tomorrow lying on the couch watching this great sport.


Garnet said...

You make me laugh. Sounds like you are enjoying your grumpiness. Might as well. Hope tomorrow finds you on the other side of the bed.

(And I'm tempted to spend way too much time reading the rest of your blog too, given how much this post made me chuckle.)

Black Pete said...

And if it doesn't, we love you anyway! :)

Cat said...

I hope you feel better soon!

chitowngreg said...

Tomorrow will probably be better...whether you like or it not! Enjoy the game!!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I hope you feel better...I understand the grumps, when I'm sick I'm just a grump. It passes, like all things...

many warm hugs